Cooking For My Parents


As I had told you in my previous post, I didn’t fully learn and get good at cooking until close to 30.  By then, I’ve learned to love cooking and trying out new dishes.  I was constantly bragging about how good of a cook I was, but no one believed me.  I never really cooked for my parents because I always went to them for food and not the other way around.  My boyfriend and I don’t live in the same city so when we see each other, it’s always eating out for us.  I guess the only person I really cooked for was me.  Therefore, there was no way I could prove to anyone that I had improved since the days I would set off the fire alarm when making bacon.

I first started inviting my parents over to my apartment more and more so they could taste my food.  My parents live with a helpful caregiver for seniors who cooks for them daily.  I won’t lie, she’s a great cook and I had some big competition.  At first they were hesitant but eventually they came around.  The more they tried, the more they loved my cooking!  Yes, I had proved to someone besides myself that my food was horrible.  In fact, they said it was the most delicious meal they’ve had in ages.  My ego was high and I was ready to move onto my next target – my boyfriend.  Growing up, his family had a live-in chef (jealous, I know) so he’s grown accustomed to gourmet food since he was a toddler.  His taste is very different from mine.  I love salty foods that have a single predominant sauce and he prefers foods that are rich in many different flavours.  When I was deciding what to cook for him, I had to make sure that there would be many different aromas.  I remember him walking into my apartment and he brought a plan B meal!  Safe to say, the plan B meal never got opened because we were both stuffed full from the lamb I had made.  He was thoroughly impressed which just made my head even bigger.

Ever since I tested my cooking skills on my parents, they’ve wanted to come over more and more.  Thank goodness I had found the best senior home care plan that included a cook because otherwise, I’d be making them breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day!  I’m so happy with the skills I’ve developed over the years.  It was due mainly to peoples’ doubts on my cooking and I wanted to prove everyone wrong.  Looks like I did just that!

Learning To Cook

I didn’t have to learn how to cook until I got to university and even then, it would be a rare occasion and only when everything was closed.  I would make the simplest food – eggs, instant noodles, rice.  Whenever I tried to impress someone, I would cook my “formal meal” which consisted of goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast with broccoli.  I used to think a salad with anything more than lettuce and tomatoes was formal.  Yes, I got made fun of all the time from friends but especially family.  How did a 20 something year old girl not know how to cook properly!?


It wasn’t until my last year of university that I was really starting to crave home cooked meals.  I would go home more often just to taste my mother’s cooking.  I remember one time I was craving one of her dishes so bad that I went out, bought all the ingredients, then put her on speaker phone so she could direct me step-by-step how to make the meal.  From then on, I would memorize the steps for 2 or 3 dishes that I craved often and make them whenever I had the time.

I didn’t enjoy cooking until I bought my first house.  Let me tell you, owning a beautiful kitchen would do that to you.  You just want to use it and use it well.  I started baking more as well as trying out dishes from cook books.  Soon after, I wouldn’t need the cook books because I learned what tastes well together.  Eventually you just get the hang of it!

It took me almost 30 years to fully learn and enjoy how to cook.  I wonder how long it will take you?