Learning To Cook

I didn’t have to learn how to cook until I got to university and even then, it would be a rare occasion and only when everything was closed.  I would make the simplest food – eggs, instant noodles, rice.  Whenever I tried to impress someone, I would cook my “formal meal” which consisted of goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast with broccoli.  I used to think a salad with anything more than lettuce and tomatoes was formal.  Yes, I got made fun of all the time from friends but especially family.  How did a 20 something year old girl not know how to cook properly!?


It wasn’t until my last year of university that I was really starting to crave home cooked meals.  I would go home more often just to taste my mother’s cooking.  I remember one time I was craving one of her dishes so bad that I went out, bought all the ingredients, then put her on speaker phone so she could direct me step-by-step how to make the meal.  From then on, I would memorize the steps for 2 or 3 dishes that I craved often and make them whenever I had the time.

I didn’t enjoy cooking until I bought my first house.  Let me tell you, owning a beautiful kitchen would do that to you.  You just want to use it and use it well.  I started baking more as well as trying out dishes from cook books.  Soon after, I wouldn’t need the cook books because I learned what tastes well together.  Eventually you just get the hang of it!

It took me almost 30 years to fully learn and enjoy how to cook.  I wonder how long it will take you?